What is a blogging and how to make money with online blogging.

What is a blogging and how to make money with online blogging 

1). What is blog 

The blog is a page or content on a specific topic, person or product etc, Where you can share your thoughts, knowledge or anything you know through blogger or blog on any topic like that how to, reviews, tour guide, mysteries, history, blogger etc.

2). How to create a free blog on blogger 

In this post, we know how to create a free blog on blogger, so let's start

  • Select Niche topic:- 
First of all, if you want to create a free blog on blogger or anywhere like WordPress, first choose the topic you know properly after that sign in on through your google account and start creating your posts.

  • Write posts:- 
After choosing a topic to create your blog or article and write at least 400 words and 1 image on each article and post on a daily basis if you post an article in 2 days gap then post 1 article every 2 days or if you post an article every week then post 1 article every week.

  • Share posts:- 
After posting an article on blogger, a page view is very important for blogging so sharing the article's link is very important and the best way to get views of your blog or blogger. You can share your blog on facebook pages, groups, Twit your post on twitter and share and save on Pinterest.

3). Create pages 

     Most important things in blogger are pages if you don't create pages in your blog you can't apply for monetization, so now we understand about how to create pages on blogger, there are 3 most important pages.
○About us, page: -In about us page you have to write about your blog and everything or you want to share about yourself.
○Contact us page:- In contact us page you can write your mail address for contacting you or you can share contact form.
○Privacy policy page:- In privacy policy page you can generate your blogger's privacy policy page through many free websites like etc.

4). Apply for Monetization 

    If you want to make money with online blogging first of all post at least 20 SEO friendly article on your blog and create all important pages like that Contact us, about us and privacy policy, after that you can apply for monetization for Google Adsense or you can also apply for alternatives of Adsense like pads, revenue hits etc.

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