How to get likes and followers on instagram |Do 's and Don'ts|

How to get likes and followers on Instagram |Do 's and Don'ts|

How to get likes and followers on instagram |Do 's and Don'ts|

Hello, guys welcome to so if you want to gain free Instagram followers or real followers for Instagram you are coming right place if you follow this rules you can easily gain 1000 free followers or get Instagram followers fast let's start and if you have any questions or concerns comment in comment section. 

Do 's On Instagram 

1). Post consistently if you want to gain original followers just post consistently, make a timetable for posting because when you post timely your followers know your timetable and they will like, comment and share your post. 

2).​Follow the same interested people as if you like nature or photography so just follow those people or hashtags related to nature or photography. 

3).​Like and comment on every post you see because when you like or comment on posts so their use is also like or follow you back. 

4).​Follow celebrities because when you follow any celebrity then so many peoples also see your profile and if they like your profile then guarantee you will get followers and likes. 

​5). Create proper and attractive Instagram bio like some craziness some funniness and romantic bio about yourself and something just like that, those likes peoples. 

​6). Post your pic or video at 2 am or 5 pm because these time most of Instagram users are active or post on Wednesday because Wednesday is the best day to post on Instagram. 

​7). Post quality, not quantity because attractive or interesting post catch user's eyes on your post and then they will follow you and like your post, so just focus on quality, not quantity. 

8).​Use popular hashtags or you can also use the app for searching best and popular hashtags just like this example #picoftheday #follow4follow #l4l etc. 

​9). Tag people or friends, when you will post then don't forget to tag people and you can tag 20 peoples at a time.

10).​Use blue filter pic according to research blue filter pic is more eye-catchy than the other or normal pic, so use a blueish filter when you post. 


1).​Don't make a business profile if you are individual, because there are no benefits of this for your Instagram profile. 

​2). Don't use automakers or other apps just like this, because they also used your profile for like and commenting on others profile. 

3).​Don't post boring pictures just like foods, unknown picture etc, post only attractive pictures. 

4).​Don't follow those people who have different likes,  things, and topic etc. 

​This is some interesting information on Instagram, how to get likes and followers on Instagram free, Just follow this guideline for making a great Instagram profile.
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